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Take a break with us

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Just one or two days before our busking performance, we realised that Artbox would be happening at Marina Bay Sands too. We were quite worried that our music would be drowned amidst the noise (after all we only had a small speaker). Also, we chose quieter songs for our set this round.

As predicted, our friends told us that it was occasionally difficult to hear us over the background noise. We had quite a crowd on 15 Apr, possibly people who wanted a break from the throng.

If you need a break from the crowd, or just life in general, come and have a brief respite with us.

More videos of our 15 Apr performance will be up on our playlist in the next few weeks.

Wish you could see the whole song on YouTube?

We're going to upload some full videos this round, remember to subscribe for updates. ;)

Join us for our next busking performance: Busking: Mayday's 20th Date: 13 May 2017 (Sat) Time: 8pm to 9pm Venue: ION Orchard (along the street) Link to Facebook event


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