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Where work ends and music begins

About Us

We're a group of one pianist and two vocalists from Singapore, specialising in various genres of Chinese pop songs (Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien). We perform as a Chinese live band for private and public events (e.g. as a wedding live band, live band for corporate events), as well as festivals. We also busk regularly to showcase our favourite pieces, including originals from aspiring songwriters.

Music In the City SG - MIC SG
Ying Hao

Our pianist and arranger, Ying Hao has the exceptional ability to transform any song into a beautiful piece of music. With more than 10 years of experience in the music industry, he has worked with various music groups, ranging from string quartets, Symphonic and Chinese Orchestras to choirs and pop bands (e.g. Chinese pop).

Music In the City SG - MIC SG

Our lead female vocalist, Joelyn has a warm and mellow voice to touch her listeners' hearts. She has performed numerous Chinese pop songs for a wide range of audience in live events such as open houses, roadshows, and university productions.

Music In the City SG - MIC SG

Our lead male vocalist, Shaun has a wide vocal range which covers from the range of a base to that of a counter-tenor. He presents Chinese pop songs in a variety of styles: rock, jazz, ballad, etc., which makes his singing expressive and emotional.

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